Flying High with (company name)
Ride the Tram to Ober Gatlinburg where training sessions are held. Spend part of the next day at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving for group skydiving instruction and finish up with an optional helicopter tour of the area or a ride in a helium balloon.

Creativity Camp
An intensive experience that includes mask-making, journaling, guest artists, improvisational exercises, a trip to the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and Wonderworks, an amusement park for the mind! 

Racing Toward Success
Focus on positive attitudes with a race-themed retreat that  includes time on a mini-racetrack.

In Touch with the Spirit
A faith-based experience with activities that include a visit to Christ in the Smokies and the always popular Reflective Memories workshop(See all workshops below.)

Reeling  in  Prospects
A sales conference and 'pep rally that meets at Ripley’s Aquarium, then spends time with area outfitters.

Specializing in soft skills, we'll organize an effective, enjoyable learning experience for any size or age group, within your time frame, addressing personal or professional issues. 
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Archie Bunker or Mr. Rogers - 
Discovering your 
Organizational Culture 
What is 'organizational culture' and how does it affect our business and our lives?' All too often those at the top of an organization become embedded in the financial, regulatory and administrative tasks inherent in management and/or ownership. Occasionally, it pays to leave the ivory tower and mingle with the common folk. This original presentation can provide dialog, new perspective, clarification and sometimes new direction. 
The Lighter Side of Love
This entertaining, just-for-fun look at male and female relationships examines marriage, dating, the differences between men and women and  includes a version of the 'Newlywed Game' featuring volunteer couples from the audience. It's even funnier when the 'newlyweds' have been married for 30 years!
Teach to the Heart - 
Training for Trainers
Perfect for those new to training and education or for those who just want to be more effective in their role. This includes practical, hands-on advice and exercises related to principles of adult education, motivation, communication, methods and more.
Improvisation for *L.I.F.E.!
Learn to be flexible, work as a team and think on your feet! Open up a world of freedom and playfulness for participants in this hands-on workshop involving games and exercises borrowed from the theater. Improvisation for L.I.F.E. can reduce stress, increase cooperation, stimulate creativity and more. Best for smaller groups, (under 40 participants) improvisational activities that anyone can do spark the imagination while promoting bonding  and  fluid thinking in a relaxed, supportive environment. (Wear comfortable clothing; bring an informal attitude and sense of humor.)
*Learning, Innovation, Fun & Empowerment
Program Development 101; the Secrets of Success
(Introducing the Salt Lake Model)
There are several key elements to building successful programs, depending on the environment, culture, budget and many more variables, but most people will find at least some aspects of this unique model, focusing on collaboration and synergy, to be helpful. 
Creativity Counts
    What IS creativity? What does it mean to be creative? Focusing on innovation, observation and fluid thinking, these exciting workshops can awaken a dormant imagination and ignite new thought processes. Particularly effective as an extended workshop in conjunction with Improvisation for L.I.F.E.

Reflective Memories Writing Workshop - 
Writing from the Heart
    Writing your memoirs or keeping a journal can be a spiritually moving experience. Whether you’re writing for publication or taking notes for future generations, your insights and memories play a role in the development of your perspective, personality and outlook. Sharing this through the written word sometimes requires patience, objectivity and  honesty. 
    This workshop is not about sentence structure and grammar, how to find a literary agent or selling your book, but about reflective thought and the process of self-understanding.  It can help you to remember and organize your memories, motivate and get you started as well as helping to define those life experiences and how they relate to your world.

Teambuilding Tactics  
Most successful organizations know that to achieve maximum effectiveness, they must work as a team, but occasionally, the team spirit must be re-awakened and coached from a new perspective. Activities have included art projects, new games, physical challenges and more. 
Tickle Your Funnybone!!
Laugh your way to relaxation and success! Giggle your way through a hands-on discussion of the applications and benefits of humor. Discover the fun in life as you learn about light-heartedness and remember that laughter is good for the body and soul. Learn when humor is appropriate, how to diffuse difficult situations with humor and  about different types of humor.

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Free to be ME!
A reflective, therapeutic experience designed to release your inner spirit, lose your inhibitions and nurture the child within as you share a healing , confidence-building, regenerative day of personal introspection and discovery, activities and laugh-out-loud fun. 
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Extra Mile Training
    Originally developed for the Salt Lake Clinic in 1989, EMT has applications for all front line service employees, from health care to hospitality. It covers the all-important basics of excellence in customer service including interpersonal relationships, first impressions, communication skills, common courtesy, marketing to seniors, professionalism and going the Extra Mile.
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We have remained focused on Sevier County and Nashville, Tennessee for planning off-campus events and retreats because  they are major tourist destinations with plenty to offer, however, we can offer other services, including various workshops, almost anywhere in the world.