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Let us know your needs including the type and duration of your event if you already have something planned. Please describe what you have in mind, dates, approximate number of participants, your budget, where the event will be held and how we can best help your organization - or let us  offer suggestions.

Top Ten Productions
C.J. Morgan & Associates
                                                    “A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience. For some, any uncritically assimilated explanation by an authority figure will suffice. But in contemporary societies we must learn to make our own interpretations rather than act on the purposes, beliefs, judgments, and feelings of others. Facilitating such understandings is the cardinal goal of adult education. Transformative learning develops autonomous thinking.”  (Mezirow 1997)
 Our logo, designed by Tom Walker of Sevierville, Tennessee, represents the concept of a gateway or doorway to  learning. It.expresses  knowledge and stability in the form of the classical arch and columns, as well as enlightenment coming from within. 
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- What sorts of groups have you worked with in the past?

    We have worked with health care organizations, church groups and religious organizations, trade and professional groups, couples, meeting planners, arts organizations, numerous specific businesses and franchises, non-profit organizations and more.

- What do your services cost?

    Our fees are negotiable, depending on which services your organization requires, how many will be in attendance, time involved and expenses incurred. We also try our best to work within your budget, especially non-profit, faith-based and service organizations. Some of our exclusive workshops can be calculated at a specific rate per participant, while many of our speakers and guest trainers charge a flat fee for each engagement. We can often provide a unique short-term learning experience for a very reasonable per person cost. Consulting fees are project based. Let us know your needs and budget and we will try to help.

- Do you provide lesson plans for each workshop?

    Every workshop and breakout session is tailored to some degree based on the needs of the organization as well as the time frame, number of participants and other factors involved. Often, the organization will provide rough objectives for a lesson plan or an entire off-campus event. It then becomes our job to realistically evaluate and then facilitate the experience toward the desired outcomes. For instance, a group may have too ambitious of an agenda for the time frame allowed. We may suggest that they focus on only one aspect of an overall goal and utilize only one workshop. Another group may have more time and decide they need a combination of components from several different workshops and/or breakout sessions. After speaking with a representative from your group, we will compile a rough outline based on stated needs, participant demographics and skill levels, desired outcomes and activities designed specifically for your group. 

- Why should we use your services instead of our own people?

    Often, another point of view or a fresh face can generate renewed interest or a new perspective. Someone with no agenda within the organization or ‘no dogs in the fight,’ can provide neutral ground, which can stimulate dialog as well as provide objectivity. New ideas can be introduced and your group can synthesize them as a whole. People become more open to the idea of thinking out of the box and being taken out of their comfort zone in a new environment. Our people are specifically trained to facilitate learning in an enjoyable way, making the whole shared experience flow smoothly and providing more of a basis toward building an effective team.